Our Story 

First and foremost, I want to gratefully thank my parents who have always been a source of love and encouragement in my life, my husband and my daughter who are my partners, close friends and teammates throughout the development of Braddford store.

My name is Jackie and I am a jewelry artist, that is how I can best describe myself. Having worked as a goldsmith and a senior designer at a high-end fine jewelry store for over 20 years, I had the chance to create with my own hands, numerous precious metal masterpieces. To transform an idea, a concept ready to be expressed visually into a final piece of jewelry is not easy. It is a lengthy process that involves sketching, carving, waxing, molding, casting, firing, debubblizing, polishing, plating, setting and not to forget all the centrifuge machineries in the process. 

Understanding this long and complex manufacturing process of jewelry making, I came to respect and appreciate the work of the most beautiful and famous porcelain manufacturing houses of Rosenthal, Boehm, Lladro, Hutschenreuther, where the process of making fine porcelain is quite a gifted and complex technique no less than the jewelry making. I became an avid porcelain collector myself of many years and was happy to meet so many enthusiastic collectors alike.

Braddford Fine Collectibles is a family-owned online store that has built a loyal following from all walks of life, having served thousands of happy clientele from our ebay store, we pride ourselves in providing faithful service in return.  We carry an extensive assortment of hard-to-find and discontinued collections from private art collectors and from our personal inventory of open-stock.   

We are not affiliated in any way with any manufacturer, or distributor for the brands we carry. 

At Braddford, we are sincerely committed and dedicated to offering quality services to make our customers happy. We work hard to make sure that your purchase is wonderful so that you can recommend our services.

 Inspired by the love for art, and the desire to bring elegance into your home or work space, we hope you can find the perfect piece to warm your heart and to reminisce the things you love and the wonderful moments you cherish.


 The Braddford Team

Our website is still under construction, so for more extensive inventory products, please visit us also at our current ebay store.